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Securities Law and Capital Marketing Advisory

Our Securities Laws & Capital Markets team acts as domestic counsel to fundraising programs such as IPOs, QIB placements, rights offerings, Institutional Placement Program, follow-on public offers. The team also acts as legal advisors to acquirers/merchant bankers in public takeovers, corporate restructuring (buy-backs, delisting, relisting, mergers, reverse mergers, demergers).

We have advised promoters and institutions on dealings in secondary markets including block deals and have undertaken regulatory audits of listed companies. We regularly advise clients on securities law issues pertaining to insider trading laws, disclosures under the listing agreements to mitigate the possibility of litigation arising out of unfair trade practices in the securities market and on corporate governance issues. The team handholds unlisted companies and their promoters by providing guidance from the preparatory stage for an IPO down to meeting all the post-IPO disclosure obligations.

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